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Flop Night: Not Your Typical Welcome Reception

We understand that it may not be easy for some to dive headfirst into discussions about failure and how it factors into our success. Failure is difficult. Talking about failure sometimes even more so.

So we came up with an idea for an opening reception that will help delegates get into the right mindset for Fail Safe's Friday program of learning and capacity-building. Flop Night is different than your standard conference welcome reception. There will certainly be plenty of opportunities to mix, mingle, and network with fellow delegates; and yes, there will be definitely be tasty drinks and snacks available.

But Flop Night is also about jumping the first hurdle and simply talking about failure – about leaping straight to that last stage in the Five Stages of Grief and accepting failure for what it is: inevitable, difficult, and absolutely important. So let's talk about it.

Inspired by the folks who created F*ckup Nights, we're framing Flop Night as a first stab at clearing the air and getting everybody comfortable with the idea of failure. Here's a glimpse at the program we have planned:

Dr. Samuel West Leads the Way By Exploring Humanity's Greatest Flops

Flop Night begins with a dive into the globe-trotting Museum of Failure. A clinical psychologist by trade, Dr. West's research focuses on innovation and what organizations can do to promote a climate of exploration and experimentation. Dr. West brings is favourite stories from the Museum of Failure to Fail Safe via live stream with his keynote Learning From Failure: Lessons from the Museum of Failure. What better way to become comfortable with failure than to laugh about some of the most infamous examples in history?

Four Local Perspectives on Failure, Seven Minutes At A Time

After Dr. West's keynote, the program shifts towards local ideas as four presenters look inwards at their own work supporting Edmonton and its communities. From the academic sphere to social services, these four presenters will deliver seven minute presentations on how failure has factored into their work.

Baking Failure into a Process Doesn’t Mean You Have a Good Cake: Lessons From a Social Innovation Lab

One of the exciting potentials of social innovation labs is that they embrace failure. However, “embracing failure” is easier said than done, particularly when it happens in unexpected ways. In this presentation, the Edmonton Community Foundation's Ashley Dryburgh will share stories of failure from the Edmonton Shift Lab and why social innovation sometimes sucks.

Creating Space for Failure in Ending Homelessness

Interventions to support people experiencing homelessness come with certain success metrics – remaining housed, keeping a job, etc. – and are usually short-term in nature. What if creating space for failure – being evicted from a new place, losing a job or relapsing – was actually part of what delivers long-term success? Would we approach our work differently if failure was an expectation – a part of the metrics of success? Jordan Reiniger from Boyle Street Community Services will explore these themes with both a micro and macro lens.

Transforming Failures Into Triumphs: The Environment and Mindset Needed To Make Failure Work For You, Not Against You

Failure is inevitable; we know this as human beings. We also know that the most successful people have failed countless times before, and continue to do so. So why is it so difficult for us to fail? Why is it that some people are able to fail numerous times and succeed but others fail and become stagnant? In this presentation, Wellness on Whyte's Nicole Broadhurst takes a look into the types of environments and mindset, needed in order to turn failures and suffering into transformation and triumphs.

It's Not Failing

We all are captivated by success. We are thrilled when we succeed, when our friends and loved ones succeed, and we love to hear or read about stories of success or of successful people. But we usually forget that behind every story of success there are hundreds of instances of failure, stories of stumbling, falling and bouncing back. Enjoy this seven minute talk from Roundhouse's Amor Provins as she shares her story about building on failure and how she uses failure as fuel to achieve, to learn from, and to share with others.

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