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Four Reasons You Should Be at Fail Safe This October

Since we launched Fail Safe earlier this year, we’ve heard the occasional question about what the conference is about and why we feel failure is a topic worth discussing.

It may seem unorthodox at first, but it’s by no means a new idea. Entrepreneurial communities have been diving headfirst into conversations about failure for years. Amidst the glitz and glamour of the startup and tech communities, there’s a very real need to discuss the realities behind success and innovation ­– that is, the missteps that have happened along the way.

With Fail Safe, we’re eager to bring these conversations to the non-profit and public sector realms. Growth, innovation, and iteration vital to any work that affects positive social change – and often, it all begins with a little bit of failure.

Without further ado, here are four reasons that you should be at Fail Safe this October:

1. You’ll see failure as less of a consequence and more of a learning tool.

Failure is generally seen as a consequence – the result of bad planning, poor execution, or lack of effort. The reality is that things fail, despite our best intentions and our strongest drive. Our keynotes have made a name for themselves not only for their professional success, but for their willingness to be upfront about the blips and setbacks that got them to where they are. At Fail Safe, their stories will help you think a differently about the opportunities within failure.

2. It’s chock-full of speakers with techniques to build your capacity to innovate. Changing perspective is one thing, but our lineup of keynotes, presenters, and panellists are coming to Fail Safe prepared to share the insight and tools they’ve gained along the way. They bring a wide range of skills and experiences as entrepreneurs, consultants, managers, and team members who have experienced all measures of failure. Their stories of failure may make you laugh, cringe, or gasp, but you’ll leave each session with ideas and insight that you can bring back to your workplace.

3. You'll build your professional network across sectors.

The great thing about a topic like failure is that it’s universal. Fail Safe delegates represent non-profit, for-profits, and public institutions alike, meaning you’ll have plenty of opportunities to rub shoulders with leaders from different walks of life, make a connection with somebody in an entirely different line of work, and maybe even spark a new collaboration with somebody you least expect. How often are there opportunities for so many communities to learn together in the same room?

4. It’s a safe space to have difficult conversations and create room for a shift in organizational culture.

Openness and transparency are all too rare in our workplaces, and it can contribute to less-than-positive working environments for staff. Fail Safe is not just about talking failure, but also about creating a space for positivity and inspiration around an uneasy topic. If you and your colleagues can join in and talk about failure in a positive light, think of the impacts it can have on future conversations back at the office.

Thinking about coming to Fail Safe? You can register now here.


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